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Design and Engineering.

Thomson Fasteners is your partner for fastener design and engineering expertise. Our key engineering and production teams have years of industry experience building cost effective fastener solutions.

Many of our custom parts and engineering successes are the result of working closely with our customers to target areas for redesign such as:

  • eliminating assembly bottle necks
  • increasing part consolidation
  • combining multi piece components into one
  • converting parts away from high cost processes

Our processes are advantageous over higher cost methods such as hot forging, casting, powdered metal, machined parts/screw machining, weldments or reinforced plastics/composites.

Thomson Fasteners produces fasteners for all automotive/industrial applications, complete with finishing, heat treatment and thread-seal/adhesives to customer specifications. Typical use cases include double-ended studs, hinge-pins, T-head bolts, self-tapping and standard threads.

Manufacturing Excellence


Thomson Fasteners is an ISO/TS 16949-2009 certified company. As part of our goal of supplying “0” defects to our customers, all parts are sorted before shipping.


Our commitment to supplying the highest level of quality possible to our customers is engrained in all employees throughout our organization. We achieve this goal through team work and continuous improvement projects in all aspects of our organization.


The strength of our business are our multi-die “state of the art” Formax Cold Forming machines. This digitally controlled machinery gives us the ability to manufacture complex parts with tight tolerances at very competitive prices.


Post Manufacturing Services such as Heat Treatment, Finishes, Patching, Threadlocking, Thread Masking and Eddy Current testing are supplied by fully certified suppliers.

Our sales department is supported by latest technology in EDI.

Thomson Fasteners has complete tooling design and Cad capabilities onsite and are capable of electronic exchange of part files with our customers.

We are fully self-sufficient in the manufacture and maintenance of our tooling needs with a full complement of high-precision, digitally controlled equipment available to ensure all tooling conforms to specification. We also produce special gauging systems our customers may require to check specific component tolerances.

Cold Heading Range:

  • Diameter - 4mm - 12mm
  • Lengths up to 75mm

Cold Formed Specials:

  • Shoulders
  • Collars
  • Staking Studs
  • Weld Studs
  • Ball Studs

Threading Range:

  • M5 – M12
  • Lengths up to 75mm
  • Machine Screw Threads
  • Spaced Threads
  • MAThread

Secondary Processes:

  • Knurling
  • Pointing
  • Shaving
  • Roll Forming
  • Tapping
  • Threading
  • Turning

Benefits of our Process

Maximum Strength

Our manufacturing process increases the strength of the finished product through the flowing of the grain structure rather than weakening it by machining or cutting the product to finished dimensions.

Through our specialized processes of cold heading and rolling materials at low temperatures, our final product achieves maximum strength compared to machining, casting, and other processes.

Less Waste

Another advantage over machining is a greatly reduced amount of waste and scrap. By eliminating costly waste recovery steps, our customers enjoy more competitive unit pricing.

Environmental Focus

Thinking forward

Our specialized methods produce less waste and scrap which directly translates into environmental benefit, lower energy demand and ultimately, savings for customers.

Stronger fastener products contribute to better implementations, more resilient end products and a more sustainable industry outlook.

MAThread® – Anti Cross

Thomson Fasteners is a licensed manufacturer of the MAThread® fastener feature. Over 33 Billion fasteners have been manufactured with various MAThread® points since its inception.

This unique anti-cross feature eliminates misalignment during installation, corrects cross threading, clears paint filled threads, allows up to 15° off angle assembly and can be added to any threaded fastener which has a machine screw thread. MAThread® is not only the leader in the Auto Industry, but also in the Electronic, Construction, Recreation Vehicles, Heavy Equipment and Water Craft industries.

Part Consolidation

Multi die cold forming machines are capable of producing multiple diameter parts, expanding upset diameters, and reducing diameters that would otherwise require spacers, washers or multiple parts to meet today’s complex assembly needs.

This capability allows us to offer 1 piece solutions, driving down part cost while reducing inventory and assembly cost.

Secondary Processes Available

Our process cold works materials through specially designed tooling that upsets or reduces diameters to near net shapes that can be further refined through secondary processes such as:

  • threading
  • knurling
  • point
  • grooving


Thomson Fasteners has developed an extensive network of import and domestic manufactures as our supply chain partners to increase our product offering.

Expanding upon our manufacturing capabilities, we have also added:

  • Standard Nuts
  • Weld Nuts, Spacers
  • Sems, Blind Fasteners
  • Rivet Nuts
  • Miniature Screws
  • Screw Machine Products

Additionally we offer the following patented "Threadforming" Fasteners:


  • Taptite 2000®
  • Taptite II®
  • Fastite 2000®
  • Duo-Taptite®


  • Plastite®
  • Remform®
  • Remform II®
  • Remform II HS®